San Ron Worm

Friday, 16 January 2015 00:00

Hi Karel, 

San Ron WormEnjoyed reading your article about the Squirm. The San Ron Worm pattern works even better then the Squirm and its more durable. See the Video - Shows you how to make a San Ron Worm. Using glue. I'll be glad to send you some to try.

Just let me know,  
Ron Gaddy

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Dancing Worm

Sunday, 04 January 2015 16:57

by Karel Křivanec

I have taken the name of this article from the children rhyme which everyone knows in our country, because this expresses the best what I want to write about. I could have also called the article as: “The Year of a Worm”, but I am not entirely sure, whether it was just the last year or it will be this year. But I will start from the beginning.

For several years, we can see especially on American fly fishing websites increasing a number of articles about various types of worms. Worm as a pattern of a fly fishing bait is nothing new in our country and it got here from Poland, where it was often used in muddy water after strong rains. At the Youth World Championship 2009 in East Bohemia, one day the Doubrava River was so muddy that something could have been caught only with Polish worms.

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2014 Youth World Fly Fishing Championship from my point of view

Sunday, 30 November 2014 23:00

By Jiří Pejchar

BialkaRiverWe set out to this year´s Youth World Championship in Poland a week before as usually to be able to tune up all needed during trainings in local rivers - Ciarny Dunajec, Bialy Dunajec, Bialka and Dunajec “Catch and Release“ section just under the reservoir. Compared to the last year, in the Czech team there was only one change in one member. A newbie was only Vojta Vondruška and other team members were Eliška Marková, Lukáš Starýchfojtů, Filip Svašek, Libor Marienka and Martin Vlk, who took part in the World Fly Fishing Championship last year. The team coach was Martin Grün and team manager Jiří Pejchar.

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