At the end of the year 2004 another book about fly tying from CDC feathers came to the light. Its author, Agostino Roncallo, called it "Magie in Cdc". It is a book of A4 size, with number of colourful pictures and paintings in 224 pages and the recommended price is 38 Euro. As you can see from its name, this book was written in Italian, but its contents is understanable enough for those who do not speak this beautiful language. Author shows 27 differenet CDC flies in here, including detailed descriptions and their tying. The book may be ordered on the following address: Fly Line, c.p. 30, 41041 Casinalbo MO, Italy, or on the e-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. Information about the book can be found on the website: