In the first half of this year two new DVDs about nymphing came to the market. The first set of two DVDs is made by the very known American author Jack Dennis, who was filming at many World Championships a then we can see many known personalities such as for example Pascal Cognard and some of the Czech, English, Italy and other competitors.

 European nymphing with Jack Dennis & Vladi The main character of this double album is the Polish veteran Vladi Trzebunia, who became the World Champion in Finnland more than twenty years ago (the second at that time was Slavoj Svoboda from Czechoslovakia). Vladi is a famous name in the U.S.A. and this is not only because of his guiding on the Snake River. He travels with all senior or youth American teams to the World Championships, even if Vladi is only on the position of the coach assistent and it means without any competences. These two DVDs are called European nymphing with Jack Dennis & Vladi and it a very American movie - full of various interviews and various talks and promotion of wowen Polish nymphs in general. In DVDs he also mentions the Czech nymph and demonstrates Spanish and French nymphing. At the end there are spots of tying of various kinds of nymphs, which were created especially in 2005 during the World Championship in Sweden. The total length of both English DVDs is 240 minutes and you can order them at our webpage catalogue.

 Czech Nymph The second DVD was made by the Swedish company Mountain Media as the first part of the new series Modern Fly Fishing and its name is clear - Czech Nymph. The main character of this movie is one of the biggest promoters of the Czech nymph - Johan Klingberg, who brings the spectators to South Bohemia, Czech Republic, where last year´s hot summer first 35 minutes of this movie were taken. In the movie you can see famous fly fisherman such as Vladimír Sedivý, Vít Misar, Milan Janus and others who teach Johan the basics of the Czech nymphing. Then the movie goes on with 20 minutes long sequence from the Swedish river Tidan, where Johan and his friends fish large rainbow trouts and its final a twenty-minute long part is spent by fishing big greylings in the Norwegian river Famundselva. The first 75 minutes is spent on fishing and the same time of this DVD is used for tying of several kinds of nymphs by Johan Klingberg, Vít Misar and Vladimír Sedivý. The total length of this DVD in English is 150 minutes, and you can order it in our cataloque.

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