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 Jiri Klima After seven years organizing the original Czech Nymphing Masterclass and 185 participants from all over the world, it is clear that the Czech Nymphing technique has become a standard skill for every serious flyfisher besides the dry fly technique.

A lot of people think that Czech Nymphing is about long rods (10+ foot), three heavy nymphs (leadbombs) and fishing with only a short line.

But they haven’t yet attended the Czech Nymphing Masterclass with the “River God” mr. Jiři Klima, regarded as one of the best flyfishers in the world. In this masterclass Jiři will learn you how to Czech Nymph with a #2 or #3 line rod and two light weighted nymphs!! With this light combination you are able to change fluently from short line nymphing into nymphing with a long line, the classic way. But Jiři will also teach you how to tie his best flies. Simple flies but so effective.

Czech Nymphing Jiři Klima way, is so effective and will give you so much fun, that after the masterclass you thank (River) God for learning this technique:

  • You will become a better flyfisherman that even reaches the category of that 20%
  • You will read the river much better
  • You will catch fish in the hours when the fish is not rising to your dry fly

The Czech Nymphing Masterclass was originated by the Dutchman Robert Borrenbergs in 2003 and is now imitated by others. The organization is in the hands of Dr. Karel Křivanec, writer of the bestselling Czech Nymphing book titled “Czech Nymph and other related flyfishing methods”. Karel has a lot of experience in organizing big events in the Czech Republic like the World, European and Youth World Championships in Flyfishing. Robert Borrenbergs will now focus on promotion of the Jiři Klima Czech Nymphing Masterclass.

With the Czech Nymphing Masterclass you will experience a perfect holiday with a lot of fishing and improvement of your flyfishing skills with the exclusive tuition from Jiři Klima. The Masterclass will be held in the south of Bohemia where we will fish in the famous salmonid river called Vltava also known as the Moldau which runs eventually through the city of Prague.

The price for this unique event is € 570,-

This price includes:

  • 6 overnight stays and 5 days fishing
  • Full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Fishing licences and guiding by excellent Czech flyfishers
  • Instruction (fly-fishing ánd fly-tying) from the “River God” Jíři Klíma

Arrival: Thursday June 3, 2010

Departure: Wednesday June 9, 2010

If you are interested in attending the next Czech Nymphing Masterclass, please send us your application for the e-mail address: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.