Hanak Competition - Alpen Nymph (Four in One) Rod

Base price 243,80 €
Sales price 295,00 €
Tax amount 51,20 €

4 picece + 2 prickle

Size 3 – weight 95 g, a very light rod allows the use of thin leader tippet for small dry flies or nymphs.
Size 4 – weight 99 g, is universal gentle and powerful fly fishing rod.
Size 5 – weight 105 g, is super powerful rod for extra long casts can play any trophy fish .

      A serie of rods designed for the increasingly popular fly fishing in alpine conditions - Slovenia , Austria and Italy. Crystal clear rivers with a shy wild fish in the upper river parts in combination with intensive
fllting fisheries in lower parts of the rivers with trophy-sized rainbow trout.
Basic length Alpen Nymph four piece rod is 290 cm long, but with 2 adapters can be extended to 305 cm or 320 cm, or even to a maximum of 335 cm. The rods are supplied with cloth cover, hard tube and 2 extensions.

Hanák provides a two-year warranty

  1. to be implemented at point of sale
  2. against any defects in material or construction.

If the rod is broken through improper use or after the warranty period has expired, it can be repaired for a service fee of € 39 plus postage. All claims must be done through the rod seller. All Hanák Competition fly rods are delivered in protective packaging.


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