DVD-WetFlyModern Fly Fishing vol. 3: Wet Fly

Join Johan Klingberg in his intersting meetings with two of England´s most succesful wet fly fishermen. In this unique film you will get really close to Paul Procter and Malcolm Greenhalgh as they share some of their extensive knowledge in both classic and modern wet fly fishing.

You will also get professional instruction in some of the most important wet fly techniques which are used for grayling, rainbow and brown trout in our Scandinavian and European waters. We visit the River Wharfe and River Hodder in England, the Tidan River in Sweden, and the Femund River in Norway. John Klingberg ties some of his favourite wet flies.

Mountain Media 2010, Duration 83 min. + 33 min. bonus. Video: 16:9 PAL, Price € 18,-

In the first half of this year two new DVDs about nymphing came to the market. The first set of two DVDs is made by the very known American author Jack Dennis, who was filming at many World Championships a then we can see many known personalities such as for example Pascal Cognard and some of the Czech, English, Italy and other competitors.

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 Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods. Third Edition. Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods. Third Edition.

Karel Krivanec and Friends, 120 pp, 2008, Price €20.-

As the name itself says, this is the third edition of the popular book about the Czech nymph. Compared to the previous editions the text was extended by 8 pages, when some news from the period of one year, that has gone since its first edition, have been included. This book will prove invaluable in creating a greater understanding of the technique of short-nymphing under the rod tip. As such it has atracted a great interest since it reveals all secrets of this original fishing method.

The second edition of the book about the Czech Nymph came out on 21 November 2007 exactly 8 months after the first English edition and also in its German version. Due to the fact that the first English edition was sold out in September and sixty percent of the second edition was sold within one week there are still several options for other consignments. The sale of the German copies is starting now, nevertheless about 150 pcs have been sold so far. This new edition is rather different from the first one and also a short chapter about the Czech Nymph outside Europe has been added.

In the second half of March publisher Grayling & Trout Publishing is launching into the market with a new book by Karel Křivanec et al. “Česká nymfa a příbuzné metody lovu ryb“, which is going to be published in the English version under the name: “Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods“.

At the end of the year 2004 another book about fly tying from CDC feathers came to the light. Its author, Agostino Roncallo, called it "Magie in Cdc". It is a book of A4 size, with number of colourful pictures and paintings in 224 pages and the recommended price is 38 Euro. As you can see from its name, this book was written in Italian, but its contents is understanable enough for those who do not speak this beautiful language. Author shows 27 differenet CDC flies in here, including detailed descriptions and their tying. The book may be ordered on the following address: Fly Line, c.p. 30, 41041 Casinalbo MO, Italy, or on the e-mail: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. Information about the book can be found on the website:

 Zaklady jezerniho muskareni At the turn of 2003-2004 a new book by Karel Krivanec: Still Water Fly Fishing Basics came to light. Full colour book in the A4 formate has 190 pages and for more than 200 full colour pictures, including pictures of main types of still water flies and pictures of fishing tactics, where the best Czech and some of the world famous fishermen are taken pictures of.

The author himself tried to present his own view at classification of still water flies, where he is supported by their division into two main groups either imitative or attractor patterns. Next to the traditional flies he also presents even some Czech still water specials. Relatively large part is also devoted to the tactics of still water fishing of rainbow trouts and wild browns.

Author: Karel Krivanec

 In the last two years, two new book about Czech flies have been published There many patterns of the Czech nymphs have been made public for the first time. The first book was written by the famous Prague retailer of fishing tackle, Milos Zeman and titled "Lexikon musek ceskych vazacu" (Lexicon of flies of the Czech Flytyers), was published at the end of 2000 by the publishing company:- Agentura Fox "ISBN 80-86248-12-7, 216 pp. The recommended retail price is 499 CZK (Euro 17.0). This book was inspired by similar books by Bob Church, and it has pictures of some 408 flies, including details of the flytying materials used. Some 18 Czech flytyers and several good competitors joined forces in this enterprise. For fishermen interested in the Czech nymph the principle benefit is the detail of 52 patterns which are presented in high quality colour prints. The book is written in Czech, with a failing in not classifying all names. However it main benefit is the high graphic quality, appreciated by both Czech and foreign flyfishermen.

This is the name of a 50-minute long documentary about IVth Youth World Fly Fishing Championship in 2005, which took place on the South-Bohemian rivers - Vltava and Malše and on the Květoňov reservoir. This film also shows the beauties of the landscape and historical buildings from the surroundings of Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Vyšší Brod and Kaplice, but mainly it is devoted to the fly fishing competition which fifty of the best juniors from different countries participated in. You will see there many nice and also several trophy catches of trouts and you can get acquainted even with the modern ways of their fishing.

Just in these day two new fly fishing maps have been published, and these might become a good help for fly fishermen. These are maps with the name Flyfishing Plan Alpen Ost (2006) and Flyfishing Plan Alpen Mitte (2006). Each map is accompanied with a brochure with a brief description of relevant locality and a web site. The map called Alpen Ost includes 100 fly fishing fisheries from Vienna to Salzburg and Passau and from Zagreb, Ljublana to Klagenfurt and Villach to the Italian border.