Hanak Czech Nymph Champion four in one

Základní cena243,80 €
Prodejní cena295,00 €
Hodnota DPH51,20 €

4 piece + 2 prickle
rod action B

Size 3: 115 - 127 g
Size 4/5: 117 - 132 g

Designed for Czech and French nymphing in rivers and streams.

Modular model of this rod allows you to get four nymfing length of the rod between 9, 9.6, 10 and 10.6 feet (275 - 320 cm)

Hanák provides a two-year warranty

  1. to be implemented at point of sale
  2. against any defects in material or construction.

If the rod is broken through improper use or after the warranty period has expired, it can be repaired for a service fee of € 39 plus postage. All claims must be done through the rod seller. All Hanák Competition fly rods are delivered in protective packaging.


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