by Jiří Pejchar


At the beginning of June this year, I was asked to travel to Kuusamo, Finland, with the Czech team for the World Championship as their team manager. I agreed and preparations began immediately.  I have known the international organizer Illka Pirinen for many years since the 2009 Youth Championship in Chotěboř. I contacted him with initial questions and Illka very willingly answered everything and recommended us great accommodation for a preparatory training camp, right next to the Kuusinkijoki River.

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by Howard Croston

At the end of day three, Team England had slipped to fifth place. Although a fall of three places, it was a long way from a disaster, and we still had everything to play for. Individually, my seventh place on Woods Lake helped me stay in medal contention and with 12 place points for three sessions fished, I was only trailing bronze by two points and gold by four, as I sat in fourth place overal.

Session 4, day four my group, was the Mersey river. Again, the draw wold be a contributing factor to the results, with an uneven spread of fish in some areas. For this session, three separate coaches were used for travel and, prior to the actual beat draw being announced, anglers were sent to the relevant coach roughly corresponding to the area that they would fish. Over the previous three days it had become clear that if you were directed to board at the first coach then you had drawn the higher, more difficuts beats of this particular sector and, whilst your fate wasn´t actually sealed, it would be an uphill struggle against the more productive lower beats.

 (FF&FT April 2020) - 2nd part

Session Two  and the draw would play a crucial role in obtaining a good result. I was bound for the Meander river, a medium sized wenue with a deceptively powerful flow and clear water, well populated  with wild browns, but not always equally distributed, as is the norm in river-based sessions, and particularly apparent in the early season Tasmanian rivers. I reconed that I´d need at least ten fish from the session.

My beat was number 4, a good draw as it turned out, with around 400 m of generally very fishy  looking water on a fair gradient that created lots of pocket-water over a large substrate bottom. The beat was split about two-thirds of way up by a high bluff that made the access a bit tricky in places, but as I surveyed the water, I was quite hopeful for a good session.  Although we had  no snow today, the unpleasant conditions persisted with a very strong wind blowing.

by Howard Croston

Howard CrostonIn December 2019, WCh 39. were held in Tasmania. Blessed with aproximatelly 8,000 bodies of water and countless connecting rivers and streams, Tasmania is a wild trout fisher´s paradise. The trout in Tasmania are predominantly wild brown trout stock reared from eggs imported from England in 1864, but with a few rainbows here and there which are now also effectively wild. The fisheries are expertly managed by the Inland Fesheries Service who in the main are all passionate anglers themselves. This unique combination of shallow, food-rich lakes, low rod pressure and active fisheries management equals one thing: simply unbelievable wild trout fishing in a unique and inspiring wildlife-rich landscape.

Team England this year comprised of myself as captain, manager, competitor and chief cook and bottle washer with Tony Baldwin, Lee Bartlett, Stewe Cullen and Mike Dixon fishing five sesson each, and Bernie Maher as actting captain and reserve. It would také a small novel for me to recount each day from a team perspective but here is an account of my championships, session by session, in what turned out to the most memorable week of my fishing life to date.

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By Martin Musil Jr.

01 Martin s POThis year, I got a difficult task with the youngest and the least experienced youth team in history to maintain invincibility of Czech teams at domestic championships. Since last year, when I was as a coach at the Youth World Championship in Poland, along with the team management we have changed the system of preparation, modified rules for selection of youth team members and generally said, continually have worked with the team. In 2019, we organized the contest in Devil’s streams (Janus’ memorial), and the nomination competition at the same place and at Vltava 28. This all was connected with a camp, consultations and with the help of several senior Czech competitors and more than a week long preparation just before the championship finally proved to be a key element.

by Karel Křivanec

02 plavsko.jezeroBetween 1st and 7th July 2019, the 25th European Fly Fishing Championship was held in Montenegro. The following competitors qualified into the Czech team: Antonín Pešek (fishing captain), Miloslav Hosenseidl, Luboš Roza, Lukáš Starýchfojtů and Roman Heimlich, but he had to be substituted by Petr Červenka, at the last moment, as Roman’s daughter started having problems after her birth and he decided to stay at home with his family. The Czech team had a week for on site preparation and during this time the competitors should have seen and tried all competition sectors. This year’s championship was exceptional also by the number of teams – twenty team took part in it.

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by Karel Křivanec

what-is-going-on-at-the-general-assembly-fips-mou-2019On Friday, 3 May, the General Assembly of the International Fly Fishing Federation is going to be held in Almaty (Kazakhstan). The meeting will follow traditional scheme and also the organization of the following championships will be assigned. One of the most important points on the agenda is the approval of changes in the competition rules. These changes will be applied already from this year. The motion is submitted by the Presidential Board and at the beginning it needs to be said that the number of proposed changes is extraordinarily high. The motion says that the Ladies World Championship should be held from 2020. I have been promoting the independent Ladies World Championship for about 10 years and I am pleased that this point is now ready for approval.