Author: Jiří Pejchar

Points and scale list:

The winner of competition in calendar of competions get full amount of the points for competiton where he participate (20 – 60). Every other place of results is 1 point less! Only the best seven results of the points which competitor has got during the season are count to the official Czech Ranking List. – Top 300

National team selection:

The first 14 competitors from the Official Czech Scale List  goes to Selection for National Teams next year. They fish there similar system as World Champ (5 periods in 3 days). The results of National selection and from the Official Czech Scale list are added together. The first 5 competitors will participate in World Champ and other 5 will go to Euro Champ.

We have his kind of competions:

1 - World or European Championships (60/50  points)

2 - Leagues system (30/25 points)

3 - National Chapionships (40 points)

4 - Cups and Trophies  (30 points) – about 25 Cups

5 - Regional Championships (25 – 30 points)

Participations in competions (above):

ad 1 - It is mentoied above (National Team selection).

ad 2 - Teams of the clubs who fished against each other. (check the picture of League syst.)

ad 3 - The best 4 competitors of the region may represent their region in River Champ.

ad 3 - The best 40 competitors of the Official Czech Scale List may fish in Still Water Champ.

ad 4 - Every fisher may participate on there!

ad 5 - It is recommended first 20 - 30 best competitors from the region.

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