Other competitions

Author: Karel Krivanec

 M. Škoda and catfish 48 kg When a photo of a young boy with a big catfish caught on a nymph appeared in a 2002 issue of the Czech magazine Rybarstvi (Fishing), I did not much believe it. A ten-year old boy kneeling behind a fish as big as a log, caught on a fine fly-fishing rod? My doubts increased when I tried to contact the fisher by mail, and after a couple months still nobody had replied. So I set out for Velká Bíteš to the Skoda family.

Mrs. Skoda welcomed me, saying that Mirek was running somewhere around the house, and she had his younger sister get him. In the meanwhile, she told me some initial information and started to search for a videotape with the most important moments of the catch.

Author: Karel Křivanec

 The rainbow abow Llyn Brennig Reservoir It has been a long fifteen years since the Czech became the world champions for the first time. This happened on the river Dee and Llyn Brennig reservoir and until today we remember this with a great nostalgia. When we arrived here at the beginning of October, the witnesses of this world event, where the term "Czech nymph" appeared, were numerous. This term includes general patterns of the fly, then the fly fishing technique – today better called the "short nymph".