05.12.2023, 12:24

Dear Karel,
I wanted to thank you again for the nice meeting at your Berlin-Booth. Your Book-Gift completed my collection of your Books I already purchased in the past. Please find attached the Images my Wife took, while we talked.

Also: of course I needed to try the new Rod on Sunday morning, equipped with one of the Worm-Flies I bought ... What to Say, I caught a Fish. Have a wonderfull christmas and I hope to meet you again, in the not too far Future.

Warm Regards from Snowy Berlin, Alexander

12.11.2023, 02:40

Order arrived today. Thanks! I’ll send another order in 2-3 weeks once I find out what else I have to tie over the winter.

Dennis (USA)

02.02.2023, 10:55

Hi Karel,
Thanks a million! You are the best.

Hamid (Canada)

23.09.2022, 12:14

Lieber Karel!
Herzlichen Dank für die rasche Bearbeitung. Ich werde wieder viel Freude mit Deinen Fliegen haben.

Liebe Grüße aus Kärnten.

Alexander (Austria)

7. 8. 2022, 19:24

Good evening Karel!
Thank You very much for the fast delivery. I am happy to get Your perfect flies for a beautiful autumn fishin for grayling and trout.

Best regards Alexander (Austria)

3. 8. 2022, 16:13

Hi Karel,
thank you very much for the tracking number and the very fast shipping.

I'm looking forward to get the package.

Best regards. Fabian (Germany).

22.7.2022, 12:17

Thanks a lot Karel you're the fastest guy to expedite orders! I'll talk to a friend who owns a shop see if he wants to buy stuff from you.

Regards Bill (Canada)

12.04.2022, 20:58

Hello Karel,
the hooks and the beads have arrived! Much appreciated!!! Good doing business with you!

all the best Robert (Germany)

2.4.2022, 11:55

Dear Dr Karel.
Received the flies.They work very well!!

Thank you! Filip (Belgium)

1.3.2022, 12:17

Bonjour Karel
J'ai bien reçu mon colis tant attendu ce jour, merci infiniment, les mouches sont vraiment magnifiques. J'espère de tout coeur que votre poste retrouvera le premier colis perdu, tenez moi quand meme au courant. A très bientot. Cordialement.
David (France)

24.2.2022, 19:03

Hi Karel,
I have tested the HDJ hooks, and I like them. They solve some of the problems I see in the hooks I use now. The beads are nice too and also the netback from Jiri Klima. Is there also a clear version of the netback, or is it no longer made? Never mind. Thank you for good service. I will return for more.
Søren, Danemark

18.2.2022, 13:54

Hallo Karel - danke dir heute eingelangt und grosse freude - und danke für das bonus geschenk. Grüsse von mir und von sascha - wir waren gemeinsam am kurs an der Moldau!
Allles gute Ernst (Austria)

1. 9. 2021, 21:09

Dear Karel
Thank you for the gift in the package! We love the feathers. Annemarieke and Gerda (Netherlands).

27. 7. 2021, 13:22

Hey Karel, Thanks for your fast delivery. Everything worked out great.
Phillipp (Germany)

9. 7. 2021: 20:33

Thank you so much Karel! I love your flies - they are the best! I regularly catch 55cm + grayling on them.
Frank (Germany)

19-05-2021, 17:21:45

Heute angekommen - alles prima - beste Grüsse. Herbert (Deutschland).

19.3.2021, 12:30

Hi Karel,
thank you very much for your pront reply and shipment. Have a good time.

Ciao, Danilo (Italy)

06.02.2021, 17:04

Hi Karel.
The line has arrived, thanks again for thinking of me when you found it ;)

Michael (Danemark)

20.01.2021: 19:52

Nie wieder andere fliegen!! Hoffe ich kann noch lange bei dir bestellen.. alles gute

(Never again other flies!! Hope I can still order from you for a long time .. all the best,)

Kai (Germany)

16.11.2020: 13:55

Hi Karel,
Finally everything is ok. It took really nearly one month ... I picked it up at the post office today. From the fist impression I like the rod. Thank you for always responding promptly.

Sincerely, Christoph (Switzerand)

21.10.2020, 20:40

Thanks Karel,
Great service, as usual.

Gevin (France)

20. 10. 2020, 9:19

Hi Karl,

Consignment arrived today. All good and very much appreciated.

Thank you for signing your book.... extra bonus...

I will work on photos and send them thru if you can use them

Regards JIm (Australia)

08.10.2020: 19:27

Hi Karel

Order received today and thanks for the bonus CDC :-) 

Best regards, Nick (England)

6.10.2020: 13:25

material arrived! thank you very much for the bonus Karel! Good day

Enrico (Italy)

25.07.2020 11:12

Thank you for the good service. It arrived in good order. Eric (Netherlands)

22.7.2020 18:48

Hi Karel,
that's great news !! Thank you very much. Please don't understand me wrong, the time of the delivery from Thomas, was not a problem from you. The Letter was fast from you in Germany, here took it's so long. German Post was so slowly...So all is fine !!

Now i go to train my loops and try to catch a chub. We don't have so much trouts her.

Have a nice evening and thigt lines. Best regards Andre (Germany)

20.07.2020 9:57

Hi Karel,
I just received the package. Thanks very much, especially for your bonus add on.

Would you do me one favour and send me a complete list of all delivered flies (your number + name + hook size) that I have an easy overview? I would like to archive this together with one fly as sample that I know what to order again next time.

Thanks very much and best regards, Thomas (Germany)

14.07.20 13:27

Hi Karel,
Thanks very much for the information. Your service is very good. Your flies I already know from the fairy in Friedrichshafen, therefore I know the quality as well.

Have a nice day and best regards,

Thomas (Germany)

28.6.20 15:13

Today I recived the nymphs , are very nice done, thank you very much!

Alex (G.B.)

17. 3. 2020 10:35:18

Hallo Karel,
danke für deine Nachfrage. Bernhard Niedermair hat sich um die Sachen angenommen, diese Woche müssten die Dinge per Post zu mir kommen.

Übrigens, dein Buch über die Äschen in der warmen Moldau finde ich wunderbar. Ich lese täglich im Buch und In Gedanken gehe ich täglich mit dir an die obere Moldau. In meinen Heimatgewässern sind die Äschen aufgrund von Gewässerverbau, Wassererwärmung, Kormoran und Fischotter so gut wie ausgestorben. Vor 20 Jahren hat man sie so gut wie überall fangen können, auch in kleinen Wiesenbächen. Ab heuer kann ich als Gewässerwart für meinen Verein eine 5 Kilometer lange Strecke der Pram bewirtschaften, dort möchte ich versuchen auch Äschen wieder anzusiedeln.

Schau auf deine Gesundheit und geh Corona aus dem Weg!


Hello Karel,
thank you for your demand. Bernhard Niedermair has taken care of the things, this week things should come to me by post.

By the way, I think your book about the grayling in the warm Vltava is wonderful. I read the book every day and I go to Upper Moldova with you every day. In my home waters, the graylings are almost extinct due to water blockages, water heating, cormorants and otters. 20 years ago you could catch them almost everywhere, even in small meadow streams. From this year on, I can manage a 5 km stretch of the Pram for my club, where I would also like to try to reintroduce grayling.

Take care of your health and avoid Corona!


07 Nov 2019 14:18:00

Hello Karel,
I always enjoyed buying at your shop and you was always polite, fast and you gave me very good advice.

I hope I can help you with my tests.

Tobias (Germany)


Hi Karel.

Just came across you in Facebook. Very timely as I was about to read through your book “Czech Nymph” again. I’m working to lift my game in nymphing this season and was engaging with Korrie Brois the other day about the way Jiri Klima was fishing. Anyway, great book. Rutgers lines.


25/07/2019: 19:09

Hi Karel how are you Sir? I got the flies, very beautiful, many thanks.

Kevin (Ireland)

14/06/2019, 6:56

Hey Karel, I got the shipment yesterday, right in time. Thank you very much!!!

Dominik (Austria)

23.05.2019 20:59

Thanks Karel, your flies are fantastic !!

Mirko (Italy)

3. 4. 2019 13:54

Hello Karel, I have just read your book Grayling Paradise, it was superb thank you. I fish for Grayling in North Yorkshire England for these beautiful fish.

Regards Peter (GB)

April 15. 2019, 20:24

Hi Karel! Thanks, the order arrived today. You put in some Streamer as a Bonus. Thanks for that. Could you please tell me which material you used for tying them?

Best regards Philipp (Austria)

ma 11. maalisk. 2019 klo 11.03


I got the spare part yesterday, it fits nicely to the rod. Thank´s a lot of your help and easy service.

Have a great spring and future summer. With respect Hannu, Finland

2019-02-04, 3:12 PM

Dear Karel,
Thank you for feathers and other stuff, everthing is excelent.

Greating and all the best! Branko

2018-11-07, 0:14 AM

Hello again Karel,
I would like to thank you for your rapided with the order and the dedication in the book I would like to ask you if in the river Vltava you can fish the graylings to nymph sight?

Francisco (Spain)

2018-09-15 10:50:16PM


thank you very much. It was a pleasure to buy something from your shop. Have a nice autumn and catch some more nice grayling.

All the best, Tobias (Germany)

2018-09-12 4:16 PM

Hello Karel,

Hooks and beads arrived today, thank you for fast delivery and bonus hooks!

Best regards, Pietari

2018-09-04 10:42 PM

Hi Karel

The parcel has arrived!! congratulations, you're the best .. see you at the Vicenza fishing fair.

thank you, Mirko (Italy)

2018-07-05 1:48 PM

Hi Karel,

Many thanks for the very well tied flies and the bonus, received today. You did a very good job. Congratulations. I will not hesitate to place an other order at Czech Nymphs next time.

Best regards. Sylvain (France)

2018-06-17 8:07

Hi Karel,

Thank you for your email. I have just settled the PayPal invoice. I am looking forward to catching fish with your flies as usual. You have the best Czech nymphs on the market.

Kind regards, Frank (Germany)

October 23, 2017 5:23 PM

Hi Karel,

thank you very much, your Service is perfekt! I buy the hooks with my next Order.

Best regards, Daniel (Germany)

October 2, 2017 11:32 PM

Hi Karel,

thank you very much, your Pink flies are very very good for our trouts (;

Best regards, Daniel

August 4, 2017 1:15 PM

Hello Karel,
thank you for the fast service. Herzlichen Dank für die persönliche Widmung im Buch.

Best regards and T.L. from Germany, Ralf

July 21, 2017 8:01 PM

Dear Karel,

Thanks a lot for the bonus. I appreciate it. How do I use strike indicator correctly? Micro ring connected with FC?

Regards, Michael (Germany)

July 21, 2017 2:08 PM

Hello Karel,

I received the goods today. Thank you very much for the super fast Service.

Best Regards,

David (Switzerland)

31.10.2016 11:26

Hi Karel,
your flies arrived in time and caught fish as usual.

Thank you for the Bonus flies!

Best regards,

Frank (Germany)

20. October 2016

Hi Karel,

I will go on a fishing trip on Friday (28.10.16), do you think you can deliver to that date?

I (and the fish) love your flies.

Best, Frank (Germany)

22.8.2016 18:15

Hi Karel,
Thank you very much for you service.

Best wishes and Cheers Christoph (Germany)

12. 7. 2016 19:44

Hallo Karel,
Die Teile sind am Samstag angekommen. Vielen Dank für die Reibungslose Abwicklung! Werde bald mal wieder bei dir einkaufen! Ich wünsche dir noch ein erfolgreiches Angeljahr!

Petri Heil auf Kiefersfelden, Martin

24. 01. 2016 13:06

Hi Karel,
I received the rod Hanak Czech Nymph Champion four in one (Size: 3) last Thursday and already made a test. I like it very much. And special thanks for the bonus-nymphs. I'am looking forward to try out soon. I will certainly order again and let my friends here around know about your interesting products.

Best regards, Lukas (Switzerland)

January 15, 2016 8:13 AM

Bonjour Karel,
le colis est bien arrivé ,merci pour le bonus superbe canne hanak superlight,j'ai hate de l'essayer!

cordialement, Michel (France)

Monday, October 19, 2015 10:57 AM

Hello Karel,
I received last Thursday the prickle. I was very happy because I fished grayling on Dordogne river from Friday to Sunday with good results. Thank you very much for your quick answer. I am interested to fish on Czech rivers. Could you give some informations to do it at the best next year?

Regards, Michel (France)


Hi Karel,
Greetings and best wishes from Germany. I tried fishing Czech Nymph Style in my home waters. It is really working well. I learned so much in the Workshop. It was a great experience for me!

Regards, Tobias


Hi Karel,
The rod Hanak Champion arrived today, thank you very much. Seems very promising. My only complaint is that it looks to pretty; I'm not sure if I dare to fish with it :)

best regards, Lauri (Finland)


today I have received “Fishing in Grayling Paradise”. It is a marvellous book! Thank you!

Best regards, Jure (Slovenia)


Hello Karel,
I received today the Alpen Nymph rod and the hooks. All is in conform with the order. Thank you for the bonus. I tried this afternoon the rod on ...my swimming pool. No problem at this step. To morrow I shall have a better opinion after fishing on the Tarn river.

Congratulations for your book "La peche en nymphe tchèque" translated by Stanislas Freyheit.

Best regards, Michel (France)

10.3.2015 18:06

Dear Mr Krivanec,
Thank you very much for the bonuses I had the pleasure to receive with my order No1229. It's very nice of you. All the material is great and it was shipped very quickly, so I am very happy.

Have a very good evening.
Didier (Switzerland)

19.12. 2014 20:08

Thank you Karel,
the flies arrived today. Wonderful small dry patterns. I wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015

Regards, Christoph (Germany)

14.10.2014 14:02


You now I was competing in Norwegian CupFlyfishing and I was number eight. There where 34 competitor and that was my first time competing; Your flies was outstanding. So no there will be several competitions and your flies we will be with me all the time. And I will recommend your flies to all other persons that is competing.

The best from Rolf

4. 10. 2014,  17:18

Dear Karel,
I got the repaired Hanak Alpen Nymph rod back soon after I sent it to Mr. Hanak. I was very satisfied with this uncomplicated and fast repair service. Afterwards I had the chance to throughly test this rod in the Swiss alps and my home water in the Swiss lowlands. I caught many trout up to 47cm.The casting, short and long distance, is comfortable and smooth. Mendings and controlling the drift with different rod length worked very good for me. Most I liked to fish the rod in 9.5 and 10 foot total length. Above 10foot the rod gets top-heavy and especially for longer fishing sessions it starts to hurt my shoulder.

Best regards, Martin (Swisserland)

2. 4. 2014 13:34

Bonjour Karel,
le colis est arrivé,je vous remercie pour les articles et le bonus,c'est tres sympa!
Merci encore!

Cordialement, Michel (France)

5. 4. 2014 19:55

Good evening,
afternoon came the nymphs, are truly spectacular ceremony, it was a pleasure doing business with you thank you very much and see you soon.

Best regards Diego (Italy)

20.2.2014 20:49

Thank you Karel! Very best material!!!
...and thanks for bonus!!! Good job and best regards!

Claudio (Italia)

11.2.2014 22:12

Thanks you so much, great seller!

Best regards! Federico (Italia)

5.2.2014. 18:40


czech nymph at home, good job.

thank's a lot Damien (France)

22. 1. 2014: 11.20

Hi Karel,
thank you very much for your reply. I spent wundeful time with your flies in Patagonia Argentina last month.

Now I have to restock my fly boxes. Your flies are perfect.

Best regards, Sebastian (Switzerland)

15.01.1014: 08.52

Hi Karel,
thank you for asking. I asked to call because my fence around a house has a sign that I have an angry dog. I do not have any, but some curriers are afraid to come in. Therefore, I asked to call them, when they deliver the rod, to make sure they do not turn around the delivery.

The message was not for you, but for delivery guys. It would be good if you could note that on the packaging.

BTW: Happy to shop on your site, and I like your notes about FIPS and WFFC. Most likely, I will see you around in next WFFC in Czech Republic in May.

With best regards, Guntars (Riga)

15.12.2013 14:49

Hi Karel,
Hope you are well and enjoying some good fishing. Hope to see you next autumn in Rozmberk.
Cheers, Robert (England)

7.12.2013 18:51

Good Chrismes Time to you Karel, from Christoph.

We meat us in Lenora with Martin and Jeno. Your Book and the Secret Patern Book are wonderfull.


23. 10. 2013 22:18


J'ai reçu ce jour la commande passée ce weekend et je tenais a vous faire part de mon entiere satisfaction tant pour la qualité du matériel que pour les délais de livraison.

Merci pour le bonus que j'ai particulierement apprécié.

Bien cordialement. Stéphane (France)

Monday, September 30, 2013 4:34 PM

Hello Karel,

came the beads. Perfect! Also good rod!
Thanks so much to soon.

Claudio (Italia)

10. 09. 2013 11:29

Hi Karel,
thank you so much. Your product is very good!

Best Regards Pierpaolo (Italia)

Hello Karel
There were no problems with customs, thank you so I like to buy again and go on advertising for you and your shop.

Regards Markus (Switzerland)

15.7. 2013 22:59

Ahoj z polsko! eveything is ok. I have received this book: B006 - Podstawy muszkarstwa jezierowego. Book is great!

Robert (Poland)

25.6.2013, 14:22

Hi, thank you very much, the flies are incredible! Merci aussi pour le bonus...a bientôt !

Cordialement, Michel (France)

24. 5. 2013, 2:27 PM

As you said it was there. Post office had done a poor job and not sent me the knowtice that my parcel had arrived.

I asked the for the arrival date and it had been there for a while. Thank you, so much for a fast delivery on your part and quick replies to my mail.

I look forward in doing bussiness with you, again.

Best wishes, Petri (Finland)

15. 5. 2013 1:12

Hi Dr. Karel,
After a month the customs office release my shipment and finally I receive my hooks.
Thanks very much to sell such quality items.

Giordano (Brazil)

3.3.2013: 18.01

I have since caught our season start and also a lot of big fish with your nymphs and also recommend it to many more. I begeister and already have the next order on the run with them.
Always keep it up

February 22nd, 2013: 9.59 PM

Hi Karel,
thanks for the flies I've just received and am thrilled. I have also seen it at the fair in Ulm and am so since I came across her invite her shop was previously unknown but I think it's because one class in Germany never such a large assortment to find fly.
Many thanks to them and their whole team, I would definitely recommend them and also order safe again with you.
With friendly greetings from Germany.

January 12, 2013 1:11 AM

Hi Karel,
i received the shipment, thank you so much.
I will send you a new order soon.
Antonio (Mexico)

25. 10. 2012, 20:43

Hello Karel,

SUPER !!! Thanks,
OK free goods for € 52, … will you send me,
- Hanak Fluocarbon tippet 30m – 0,18 mm – 6 bobins € 8,00/ pc = € 48,00.
- CDC dubbing cinnamon € 4,00.

Thanks a lot, …it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Best regards.

Anton (Belgium)

2. 11. 2012, 16:54

Hi Karel,
My Order no. 653 is arrived. Everything is perfect. Good business, ... Thanks.
Would You send me a mail when the hooks Varivas nr 22 are available ???

Kind regards.

Antoine (Belgium)

30. 10. 2012, 15:04

Ich möchte mich nochmal für das Buch "Grundlagen der Fliegenfischerei" bedanken. Vorallem habe ich mich über die persönliche Widmung gefreut.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Gerhard (Deutschland)

Hello Karel!!

The rod and the hooks arrived today. Thank you very much for extra hooks etc. :)

I live by the creek so I had to try the Hanak 4 in 1 rod immediately and it feels really good!
Now a few beers and some fly tying.. Tomorrow I go to catch some rainbows whit my new rod!!

Best regards, 

-Mikko- from Finland

Helo, I ordered 3 days ago from your website and everything is already arrived here today in Belgium; great service! I was always a bit afraid to order online cz, I thought it would take a few weeks before I got everything but now I know it only takes a few days. A few years ago I ordered in Poland online and it took 6 weeks before my stuffs arrived. Thanks again for your great service. Friendly regards