I am not happy to disclose the data about the only my debtor who took from me 67 books in the value of € 764.- for further sales three years ago. This man´s name is Jan Haman and he was promising to repay his debt, but he was not serious about it at all. Today, I can only say that this man is a cheater who I would like to warn you against. He is also acting as a fishing guide and about his activities you can learn more on this website: http://fishingtours.corcon.eu/de/Aktualitaten-Guided-Wilderness-Tours.aspx

I am also disclosing a copy of the invoice for books, where you can see more details. This amount is not high, but our debtor did not want to accept even the repayment calendar in the amount of € 100.- per month, which I proposed him in January this year. Thank you for a good advice how to get back the outstanding amount of money.

Rechnung Nr. 045/2012                                                     

2nd Reminder  5. 4. 2013

3rd Reminder 16. 12. 2013

4th Reminder   3. 1. 2014

28. 9. 2012


Karel Krivanec
Branisovska 52
370 05 Ceské Budejovice
Czech Republic
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Jan Haman
Frauenbergstrasse 33
Bad Überkingen
77337 Germany

Recap Lieferungen:

10 x Grundlagen der Fl. 12. 4. 2011 in Fürstenfeldbruck weitergeleitet persönlich
20 x Czech Nymph 12. 4. 2011 in Fürstenfeldbruck weitergeleitet persönlich
12 x Grundlagen 11. 11. 2011 Mail aus der Tschechischen Republik
30 x Grundlagen 20. 11. 2011 Mail aus Deutschland

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Buch Grundlagen der Fliegenfischerei 47 Stück für 12, - € / Kopie € 564,-
Buch Czech Nymph 3rd edition 20 Stück für 10, - € / Kopie € 200,-
Insgesamt € 764,-
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