Author: Karel Krivanec

 In the last two years, two new book about Czech flies have been published There many patterns of the Czech nymphs have been made public for the first time. The first book was written by the famous Prague retailer of fishing tackle, Milos Zeman and titled "Lexikon musek ceskych vazacu" (Lexicon of flies of the Czech Flytyers), was published at the end of 2000 by the publishing company:- Agentura Fox "ISBN 80-86248-12-7, 216 pp. The recommended retail price is 499 CZK (Euro 17.0). This book was inspired by similar books by Bob Church, and it has pictures of some 408 flies, including details of the flytying materials used. Some 18 Czech flytyers and several good competitors joined forces in this enterprise. For fishermen interested in the Czech nymph the principle benefit is the detail of 52 patterns which are presented in high quality colour prints. The book is written in Czech, with a failing in not classifying all names. However it main benefit is the high graphic quality, appreciated by both Czech and foreign flyfishermen.

 Just before Christmas 2002, there was another Czech-written book about flies and flyfishing published. This book has 145 pages of text and another 30 pages of a catalogue of the products of the Czech company Hends Products. Its authors Jaromir Karafiat and Miroslav Machacek are ex-members of the Czech flyfishing team and they are also owners of the flyfishing tackle company. In the book called "Muskareni a vazani musek" (Flyfishing and Flytying), there are details of 230 flies and 42 Czech nymphs. 11 prominent Czech flytyers, including well know competitors like Tomas Starychfoijtu and Pavel Machan, currently at the top of the current Czech Flyfishing team, co-operated in producing the updated list. The recommended retail price of this book is 499 CZK, and is published by the same company:

Agentura Fox
Nova 435
Nove Mesto nad Metuji
Czech Republic

ISBN 80-86248-15-1.