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Author: Jiří Pejchar

Points and scale list:

The winner of competition in calendar of competions get full amount of the points for competiton where he participate (20 – 60). Every other place of results is 1 point less! Only the best seven results of the points which competitor has got during the season are count to the official Czech Ranking List. – Top 300

National team selection:

The first 14 competitors from the Official Czech Scale List  goes to Selection for National Teams next year. They fish there similar system as World Champ (5 periods in 3 days). The results of National selection and from the Official Czech Scale list are added together. The first 5 competitors will participate in World Champ and other 5 will go to Euro Champ.

We have his kind of competions:

1 - World or European Championships (60/50  points)

2 - Leagues system (30/25 points)

3 - National Chapionships (40 points)

4 - Cups and Trophies  (30 points) – about 25 Cups

5 - Regional Championships (25 – 30 points)

Participations in competions (above):

ad 1 - It is mentoied above (National Team selection).

ad 2 - Teams of the clubs who fished against each other. (check the picture of League syst.)

ad 3 - The best 4 competitors of the region may represent their region in River Champ.

ad 3 - The best 40 competitors of the Official Czech Scale List may fish in Still Water Champ.

ad 4 - Every fisher may participate on there!

ad 5 - It is recommended first 20 - 30 best competitors from the region.

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GRAND-PRIX Section Mouche 2010:


28th and 29th August 2010


Dear Sir,

by way of introducing myself my name is Dr. David Sutton  and I am a lecturer in the Department of Applied Science in the Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland. I am the secretary of the World Varsities Trout Fly Fishing Competition Committee and the inaugural competition will be held on Lough Corrib, Ireland on the 28th and 29th of August 2010. The committee are in the process of contacting colleges/universities and alumni with regard to entering a team in this competition.

Author: CZN

Author: CZN

Author: CZN

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Author: CZN

 Struggle with salmon This interview with František Hanák, who won the famous international river competition, the Welsh Dee International Grayling Championship in late November, was conducted by Karel Křivanec.

CZN: It's becoming a tradition that, at the end of November, you travel to Wales to compete in the Grayling Festival. How did it compare, this year, with previous competitions?

Author: CZN

Author: Korrie Broos (Cape Town, SA)

 WR5 Caught on June 5th (Lake Deifenbaker). June 6th weighed at prairie meats on a certified scale at 43.6lbs. This is the new World Record Rainbow Trout caught by twin brothers from Saskatoon. These guys have been catching lots of BIG fish down there and previously caught the provincial and Canadian records. The previous world record was caught in Alaska (1970) and weighed 42 lbs. Everything grows big in Saskatchewan.