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By Martin Musil Jr.

01 Martin s POThis year, I got a difficult task with the youngest and the least experienced youth team in history to maintain invincibility of Czech teams at domestic championships. Since last year, when I was as a coach at the Youth World Championship in Poland, along with the team management we have changed the system of preparation, modified rules for selection of youth team members and generally said, continually have worked with the team. In 2019, we organized the contest in Devil’s streams (Janus’ memorial), and the nomination competition at the same place and at Vltava 28. This all was connected with a camp, consultations and with the help of several senior Czech competitors and more than a week long preparation just before the championship finally proved to be a key element.

by Karel Křivanec

02 plavsko.jezeroBetween 1st and 7th July 2019, the 25th European Fly Fishing Championship was held in Montenegro. The following competitors qualified into the Czech team: Antonín Pešek (fishing captain), Miloslav Hosenseidl, Luboš Roza, Lukáš Starýchfojtů and Roman Heimlich, but he had to be substituted by Petr Červenka, at the last moment, as Roman’s daughter started having problems after her birth and he decided to stay at home with his family. The Czech team had a week for on site preparation and during this time the competitors should have seen and tried all competition sectors. This year’s championship was exceptional also by the number of teams – twenty team took part in it.


by Karel Křivanec

what-is-going-on-at-the-general-assembly-fips-mou-2019On Friday, 3 May, the General Assembly of the International Fly Fishing Federation is going to be held in Almaty (Kazakhstan). The meeting will follow traditional scheme and also the organization of the following championships will be assigned. One of the most important points on the agenda is the approval of changes in the competition rules. These changes will be applied already from this year. The motion is submitted by the Presidential Board and at the beginning it needs to be said that the number of proposed changes is extraordinarily high. The motion says that the Ladies World Championship should be held from 2020. I have been promoting the independent Ladies World Championship for about 10 years and I am pleased that this point is now ready for approval.

Written by Karel Křivanec

Photographs taken by Igor Slavík

01 David with huge brown troutThis year‘s World Fly Fishing Championship was held in the Italian town of Comano Terme in the valley of the Sarca River, between 17th and 23rd September. Twenty-nine teams and 148 individuals took part in this event. This article was written based on the views of Czech competitors who I interviewed during the October elimination competition in South Bohemia. I wanted to heal the silence which started after last year’s season when the team captain and a team manager finished and I wanted to preserve a traditional Czech view of the highest world event for fly fishermen. From this point of view, I would like to remind that the Czechs were second in Slovakia 2017 and Antonin Pesek (CZE) won his second world individual trophy.

And now to the Italian championship where the Czechs had a team consisting of Antonin Pesek (Fishing Captain), Frantisek Kouba, David Chlumsky, Vojtech Unger, Lukas Starýchfojtu and Igor Slavík as a Team Manager. The team had a week-long preparation before the Championship at the venue where David Chlumsky managed to catch a beautiful brown trout on the Sarca River (705 mm).


By Karel Křivanec

Bronze teamBetween 6 and 12 August 2018, the 17th Youth World Fly Fishing Championship was held on the San River. This time 10 teams were present, 8 from Europe and one from the USA and one from South Africa, i.e. altogether two teams less than in Slovenia a year ago. Unfortunately, also British teams were missing this time and therefore the only representative from the islands was the Irish team which takes part regularly in these championships.

After the last year’s failure in Slovenia (5th place), the Czech team changed the coach and now the coach was Martin Musil Jr., a student of ichthyology, who became the Youth World Champion in France in 2012. Jiří Pejchar, President of the Czech National Fly Fishing Committee, was the Team Manager was and a member of more numerous accompaniment was Tomáš Starýchfojtů, former successful Czech competitor and a coach of the senior team.

By Pavel Chyba

06 Pavel Chyba My fourth participation in the European Championship was this year on the Vltava River in our country and the Květoňov Reservoir. I did not like premature opinions that we are fishing at home and the result is clear and you will only see who will be the first, who the second, etc. As I also remember the World Championship 2014 in our country, when we really worked hard and we had a great piece of luck and nothing was clear until the very last round. Nevertheless, extremely strong Czech team consisted of four individual and four multiple European Champions in teams and this filled me up with optimism that this time I could touch the European gold medal in teams. This was the last medal which I was missing in my collection.

Two weeks before the Championship my new fan Matthew was born and I could not take part in the first trainings. I chose classic practice before the Championship. I arrived as the last one of our team, but some guys went home to see families and we somehow changed during the trainings. I will not describe in detail what all we were testing. Simply said, we tried all fly fishing styles and with all styles we caught something. Who knows the Vltava River, must know that the river is full of fish and you can fish with anything. However, it is important to choose the important things. And now to the competition itself …


By Karel Křivanec

01 Nastup tymu v HerbertoveBetween 6 and 11 June 2018, 24th European Fly Fishing Championship was held in South Bohemia. Fourteen male and three female teams applied for this competition. Two competition sectors were marked on the Vltava 28 between Vyšší Brod and Rožmberk and one sector was marked on the Vltava 29 in “Devil’s  Rapids”, which is a bouldered stream flowing from the Lipno Reservoir and ending in the Lipno 2 Equalizing Reservoir. Two lake competitions in the trout reservoir called Květoňov (6 ha) located near a small town of Kaplice were added into the competition scheme.