FIPS-Mou General Assembly April 2003

Presented by the Czech Federation, worked out by Karel Krivanec

Motion I. - Article 2.3 Competitions may be organised for different age groups as follows:
  1. Category A - male seniors - over 18 at any point during the year of the competition
  2. Category B - female seniors - over 18 at any point during the year of the competition
  3. Category C - juniors - aged 14 - 18 at any point during the year of the competition
  4. Category D - veterans - over 50 at any point during the year of the competition
Motion II. - Insert a new article between articles 6 and 7

Fees and sponsor's presents

  1. Host country collects the starting fee from all official participians of the championship, which will cover all expenses for organization of the championship.
  2. Organizers may even obtain sponsor´s payment and other gifts which can be included into the final budget of the championship.
  3. Fees consist of obligatory amount and facultative amount. All necessary changes for organization of the championship (preparation, promotion, marking the venues, licences, permits, boats, controllors, judges, transport, opening ang closing banquette) will be included into the compulsory amount.
  4. Charges for accommodation and food will be included into the facultative amount. It is the choice of the participiants whether they decide for the whole package of services or they ensure and pay accommodation and food during the official part of the championship by themselves.

Explanation: Not all teams have enough financial sources to be able to pay the expensive accommodation and food. Similar modification was introduced in FIPS - Ed about 12 years ago, and it is a successful one.

Motion III. - Article 9.3 - add next definition:

If it is not possible to ensure minimum lenght of his beat (200 m) for every competitor, the particular period must be divided into two same parts and after the end of the first period rotation of beats must be done according to the previously made schedule.

Explanation: this measurement shall improve regularity of the competition, because 200 m for a comeptitor in five-round competition is really neccessary condition, and if it is not possible to keep it then at least this solution should be done. Because only this way, which equalizes differences between drawn stretches and it prevents draw from becoming main reason of success and unsuccess of a comeptitor or a team.

Motion IV. - Article 15.6. New text

During a championship session, the team captain band his assistent are the only people (other than commpetition officials) allowed to communicate in any way with a competitor. It is the responsibility of the team captains (assistents) and competition officials to identify themselves to controllers before communicating with competitors during a competition session.

15.7. During a championship session, the team captain (assistent) may not give material help to any competitor.

Explanation: This suggested change of rules make possible the access to the competitor for one more person. It also makes possible to reduce the advantage of the home waters and knowledge of the local condition. This rule has proved well in FIPS -Ed, which venues are in one line and size of competitor beats are 10 meters only. This should find its place in the conditions of the flyfishing comeptitions.

Motion VI. - Article 15.8. new text

15.8. Captain (assistent) and other team members may watch other competitors from places which are given for public.

Explanation: it is absurd to prohibit watching the competitors from places and where they may be watched by anybody and this modification says that it is possible and when it is legal.

Motion VII. - Article 16.2. Smaller changes in the text

The jury will consist of:

  1. The International Organizer
  2. All available members of the Presidental Board
  3. Three elected team representantives, kteří dobře znají Rules ana Modifications.

Proposal for these representatives is given by International Organizer, however, this may be finished even from the the others. Representative of the host country may not be elected for this group.

Explanation: This should reach that Jury members will be equal and that unexperienced and ambitious people will not apply for membership as it can be seen in the last time.

Motion VIII. - Article 24.1

Behind the first sentence add next: Brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, grayling and whitefish must not be expelled from eligible fish species.

Explanation: Even if the Rules make possible to score all species caught with a fly. Practice is different and this is not, unfortunately, done and there are apparent trends sometimes not to score even some salmonids (see World Championship in England or USA). It is a pitty that the Federation management is often very passive in this question during approval of the Rule Modifications.

Motion IX. - Article 27. - add new item:

27.4: Metalic microrings for leader connections are allowed.

Explanation: these microrings are not heavier than other materials and therefore it is neccessary by this sentence to eliminate them from the list of totally banned means, because they are used for connecting single parts of a leader and not for his weighting.

Motion X. - Article 28.4 - somehow add and order in a different way

28.4: Weighted flies are permitted, provided weight is hidden within any dressing. Painting alone does not constitute dressing. A single visible bead (metalic or glass) than 4 mm in its maximum dimension, is also permited.

Explanation: This definition is more exact and nobody is in doubts what is meant by the term "dressing". Forbidden are only flies, where the weight is hidden only by paint and next is clearly says about beads that they may be made either from metal or glass.

Motion XI: - Article 29 - new definition of point 29.2

29.2: Landing nets must not exceed three hundret cms in overall lenght, when fully extended.

Explanation: This definition makes possible to use common long landing nets during boat and bank still water fishing and during river fishing everybody may take short landing net on their back. Present allowed length of 122 cm is totally insuficient for these purposes.

Motion XII. - Aricle 32 - change of the point 32.2

32.2: Competitors will also receive one point per millimeter of lenght of each eligible fish.

Explanation: If the reality that fish can be measured in millimetres was put forward, rounding the lenght is done completely in vain. Also awarding two poins for 1 millimeter is done in vain. This suggestion is much easier and calculation of the results is faster as well.

Motion XIII. - Article 30 - add to the point of 32.2:

32.2. f) To use by a team member, judges and controllers of radio or other electronic communication methods during competition session

Explanation: From the last issue of the Rules prohibition of use of electronic communication for Judges and controllors has disappeared. Especially during this year´s championship this advantage has been fully used for the home team and we should come back to the prohibition even for this group.

Motion XIV: - If the position of assistent captain will be approved - add into text of 32.2:

32.2. g) A competitor, during a competition session, requesting advice relating to the fishing from anyone (other than his captain or captain assistent) or accepting material help relating to the fishing from.

Motion XV - change and add to the article of 32

38.2: The Team World Champion will receive FIPS-Mouche Perpetual Trophy.

38.3: The five competitors, reserve, manager and captain of the team awarded first, second and third positions will receive gold, silver and bronze medals respectively and any thropy.

38.5: The Individual World Champion will receive FIPS-Mouche Perpetual Trophy.

38.6: The inividual competitors awarded first, second and third position will receive gold, silver and bronze medals respectively and any trophy.

Explanation: present way of awarding of the best teams and individual is very insufficient and therefore it is proposedto award except the perpetual trophy for the winner, non-perpetual trophies for the first three individual and teams, which may be considered for the minimal reward for the national federations.