(Czech and French Nymphing Secrets in practice)

If you would like to improve your fly-fishing skills in the company of the top Czech anglers, to swap fly-tying techniques with other tiers, to visit the best fisheries in beautiful South Bohemia and to make new friendship with fellow fly-fishermen from other countries all over the world as well as to enjoy a few days of chilled out fishing, you should sign up for the Czech Nymph Fly-Fishing Workshop (CNFW).

The fly-fishing courses were originated by the Dutch keen fly-fisherman Robert Borrenbergs in 2003 as the Czech Nymphing Masterclasses. Since 2007, Masterclasses had taken place in South Bohemia in the historical town of Rožmberk nad Vltavou and they have been organised by Karel Křivanec and Milan Hladík in cooperation with Jiří Klíma, former captain of Czech fly-fishing team, as „the Master“. Since 2012, the event have changed a little, we have a new organisation team, new schedule and also a new title. But the main spirit is the same: a lot of fishing and friendly atmosphere.

More than 200 participants from 14 countries from all over the world have attended our fly–fishing courses, in particular they have been people from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. We welcome both leisure fly-fishers and top competitors, the beginners and the advanced, and their great personal references are the best promotion for this unique fly – fishing event.

Reports and pictures from individual year classes you can find in BLOG


CNFW is organised in June or in September. Both dates have their advantages and the particular date for individual season is designed according to the interest of participants and also according to available time of the organizational team members.

Mid June is great time for fly-fishing because of long days and sedge hatch, which belongs to the peak of the fly-fishing season in Czech, small disadvantages are a little unstable weather and bigger canoe traffic on the Vltava river.

September is also a great month for fly-fishing because of starting hatch of olives and rising graylings, usually stable weather and less traffic on the river. Shorter days and longer evenings offer more time for speaking, fly-tying, resting and beer. Participants of CNFW can moreover compare their skills with the top Czech anglers during local fly-fishing competition called “Rožmberský cup” held in the middle of September. If you would like to see the pictures and gain experiences from past events, please visit BLOG.

For the year 2012 we have these two dates:

12th – 17th June (Arrival: Tuesday 12th June by 6 p.m., Departure: Monday 18th June morning) - preferable date

11th  - 16th September (Arrival: Tuesday 11th September by 6 p.m., Departure: Monday 17th September morning)

Decision about the autumn event will be made by the end of May.


The aim of the fly-fishing workshop is to improve your fly-fishing skills in all respects.
- You will improve your fly-fishing thinking
- You will improve the reading of the water, which is one of the most important things in fly- fishing
- You will learn different types of nymphing techniques, in large and small rivers, with heavy and light nymphs, short and long rods, with classical Czech and modern French-nymphing setup. The basic setup for nymphing has been demonstrated in many books, but we will show you, how to adapt it to actual conditions and how to master it
- You will also get basic information and possibility to practise wet-fly and streamer fishing.
- Important attention is paid on different aspects of dry-fly fishing.
- You can spend every evening by fly-tying of successful patterns during our fly-tying workshops
- You can establish new friendships with glass of great Czech beer in hand
- In case, that CNFW will be organised in the September, you can attend local fly-fishing competition and compare your skills with the best Czech anglers


The main base of the CNFW will be located at Penzion Romantik . All participants will stay in this pension or in neighboring pensions (according to number of participants and demand for single rooms). All pensions are located about 50 m far from river.

Breakfast is served in the pensions, lunch we usually have at river or  in local restaurants, dinner will be in local restaurants and we also plan one evening barbecue.


The basic equipment for CNFW are two rods, for smaller river is the best fine rod in the length of 9 ft # 2-3 and for bigger rivers a little stronger rod 9-10 ft # 4-5 and appropriate lines.
We amplify cooperation with Hanak Competition Company, the recently developing Czech company focused on fly-fishing and offering its own products tested by top Czech competitors as well as world well known producers like SAGE, SIMMS, AIRFLO etc. During CNFW will be organised presentation of latest products by František Hanák, owner of the company, and you can personally test it and buy in affordable price.


We spend every evening by watching pictures from the day, watching fly-fishing DVDs and by fly-tying. You are requested to bring your fly-tying equipment to actively join the fly-tying workshops.

More information: www.milanhladik.cz