Czech Nymphing Masterclass big success

De Czech Nymphing Masterclass (CNM) is a big success. In one year 75 participants from six different countries have attended the masterclass. The organisation is glad to announce that mr. Jiri Klima is willing to be the successor of the former master mr. Jan Siman.

Jiri Klima The River God

Jiri is already many years the team captain of the Czech National Flyfishing Team. This team is regarded as one of the most successful flyfishing teams in the world. They became until now three (!) times world-champion flyfishing under guidance of Jiri Klima.

A few years ago, the well-known flyfishing journalist mr. Charles Jardine wrote in the magazine “Flyfishing & Flytying” an article about Jiri Klima. Together with two other famous flyfishermen Roman Moser en Oliver Edwards, Jiri Klima is one of the best readers of a stream Charles has ever seen. Therefore Charles Jardine gave Jiri the name The River God.

Do learn better flyfishing with Jiri Klima

The CNM organization has the intention to organize the next Czech Nymphing Masterclass in spring 2005 (May/June) with Jiri Klima as the new Master. Take this chance of a lifetime to go flyfishing and Czech Nymphing with this River God mr. Jiri Klima in the beautiful rivers Kamenice and Jizera in the Giant Mountains of the Czech Republic.

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Candidates are requested to apply themselves for the CNM-2005 by filling in the form on the special website:

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