Author: CZN

Why must I attend this masterclass?

I need to improve my nymph-fishing skills

I am not sure where most of the fish is located in the river

I take the unique opportunity to get tuition from a coach of world-champions

Take up this challenge and attend the masterclass with Jíři Klíma.

Jíři, since 1993 coach of the Czech Flyfishing team, won already four times the world title. He is now known as “the River God” (so called by Charles Jardine) because of his worldwide reputation as one of the best readers of a stream, together with Roman Moser and Oliver Edwards.

Author: CZN

Dear Mr. Krivanec,
I totally agree with the comments of your Chzech team captain about the Championship in Slovenia. I was fishing for Bulgaria in the group with Lukas Pazdernak and even we were in the same car with Lukas for the sector V in Sava - he was in no.18 , my draw was the next beat - no.19. I remember how extremlly confident was the Slovenian "winner" Dusan Zuntar from the very first day I saw him in the bus - he behaved like he IS already an Euro champion. This guy was carrying only one rod and no other stuff - boxes, extra rods etc. , so I was wondering how he catches all this many fish with a single rod approach - on drys , on sinking line or with a floating line - changing different tactics with one rod only? This was our first championship and we finished at the last place , but this is only because we were without any tungsten flies, but most surprisinglly we couldn't find any tungsten beads when we visited three local Slovenian tackle shops nearby to buy some.

Alexander Vulev, 3× Bulgarian national fly fishing champion