Author: Gavin Jehu (Trout Fisherman 01/2003, pp. 26-27)

Gavin Jehu

Former Welsh rivers international Gavin Jehu explains ...


Gavin Jehu, aged 33, a postman from Merthyr Tydfil. Won team gold medal in the 1998 rivers international on the Tweed and also made the Welsh World Team in Sweden two years ago.

Author: Karel Krivanec

Tom - Labe River "The Czech Nymph" is a term now known throughout the whole of the flyfishing world. The term itself has two elements. Firstly the actual nymphs which are quite slim, weighted, tied on gammarus hooks with bent shanks. Secondly is the actual technique, when these flies are led, short under the rod. Virtually no actual fly line is used outside the top ring. By this method it is possible to lead a much broader scale of weighted flies and many different nymphs in this way.

I was lucky in that I could watch closely all the development work on these nymphs and the specific fly fishing technique. I must state that ten years ago there were only a few basic patterns, these were top secret. But despite this they gradually started to spread among a broader group of fishermen. I must admit that none of us believed at that time how famous this Czech innovation would become. It is estimated that there are now tens of original and new patterns of Czech nymphs and more are being invented all the time.

Author: Adam Sikora (Abreviated from the book: Wedkarstwo muchowe - 1997)

Bialka River in Poland

Although I am not a particular fan of this way of fishing, I must admit that this method brings us a lot of excitement and nice experiences because of the size of the catches. Sometimes this is the only way to fish, when all else has failed. Short nymph has been a good style of fishing in Poland, and it is amazingly popular on the Dunajec river, where the method originated.

The Basic principle of the method of fishing called the "rolled nymph" is that we fish almost under the rod tip. The short distance between the rod tip and the fly makes leading the nymph easier. Won't the fish react when we stand so close to them? Of course they will, however not all in the same way. The least shy species is the grayling, rather more is the brown trout and the most shy are species like dace or chub. Therefore this method is most suitable for grayling.

Author: M.Cairncross, J.Dawson - Trout Fly Fishing an Expert Approach

The Eastern Europeans are experts at working nymphs along and just above the river bed at close range. Although they exploit the technique on the fast-flowing rivers of central Europe, it often works well in the deeper pools of more sedately flowing streams. The essential ingredients area very heavy nymph on a dropper, which hugs the bottom, and a small imitative pattern that moves enticingly in the current about 18 in behind it. Some anglers put another small nymph on a dropper above the heavy pattern.

Author: Karel KrivanecJiri - Sweden 2001

This is a method where one or two metres of flyfishing line only are used outside the rod tip. At the end of the fly line a coloured braided connector is attached. To this about one metre of 0.16 mm diameter nylon is tied and is finished with a minature link ring. Then we tie in a dropper of some 10 cm from 0.12 - 0.14 mm nylon followed by about 50 cm of the same nylon for the top dropper. To this cast we then add 10 cm from some thicker nylon. Finishing with some thinner nylon about 0.10 - 0.12 mm using the surgeon's knot. From this we can make the middle dropper and the length to the tip nymph. We usually fish with 2 or 3 nymphs to get the flies to the riverbed quickly.

Source: Trout Fisherman, June 2001, pp. 33 - 34

Starting in the fast, streamy neck of a pool, the strong flowing water found here makes casting and negotiating the flies downstream hectic to say the least. So it's best to fish a shorter, more controlled, line.

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After more than four years since opening this site, focused on Czech nymph and all related matters, as well as promotion of Czech fisheries abroad and competitive fly fishing with focus on the results of Czech teams, I was finally encouraged to publish also this catalogue. Some of you may know me from various fly fishing and fishing shows in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria and Germany, where I am trying to promote Czech products. During these events I was asked couple of times to open my goods also for more modern way of selling.

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I have also received emails from readers of my book about the Czech Nymph, firstly published at the end of 2007 and then twice more in 2008 and they asked me for buying nymphs, hooks and various tying material. Today, I have finally made the first step, which is this catalogue ant that could be used for satisfaction of the most conservative fisherman, who will not mind that selected goods cannot be immediately paid, but they will have to send a classic order in the e-form. With respect to the fact that my core products are flies, I cannot guarantee that they will be always in stock in a sufficient number in various sizes, and then we will have to have some patterns tied and this might cause a certain time delay.

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Regarding artificial flies I would like to inform you that majority of patterns are tied on barbless hooks, even if the fly has a barb in the picture. We also want to inform prospective applicants that we are able to tie flies according to their delivered samples.

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